Kinder Ready community 

build your child's:
  • resilience
  • academic foundations
  • confidence
  • independence
  • trust
  • social awareness
  • emotional regulation
  • and support yourself with a community of parents all here for the same thing: setting your kids up for success

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for preschool to first grade parents

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Kinder Ready

a premium kindergarten readiness community where parents and kids learn simply ways to incorporate academics at home in preparation for and throughout the kindergarten year. 

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Forcing your child into learning activities is more likely to make your child resistant to school than it is to help them gain academic skills. That's exactly why I've created this community -- to help you know what activities to do with your child that will give them the academic foundations and in ways that are developmentally appropriate, fun and flow within your regular busy schedule

Here's the thing: when you incorporate academics into your regular life (in the *right* way), you're also building trust, strengthening confidence, and developing skills that support your child in the classroom. These are the exact reasons why kinder ready community is unique.

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kinder ready community

do i really need help with this?

Unless you have a background in elementary education, yes, you probably do. Kindergarten academics are much more challenging than they used to be, and it's not as simple as just getting a workbook and doing flashcards.

what is kindergarten readiness?

Kindergarten Readiness is when a child shows up to kindergarten ready to learn.

Simple, right? Wrong.

  • Video tutorials (for parents)
  • Video mini lessons (for kids)
  • Live group Q/A with Mackenzie (for parents)
  • Live group mini lessons (for kids)
  • Blogs with tips, tools & helpful to know tidbits
  • $50 off 1:1 sessions 
  • A community of other parents with kids around the same age as you. Connect with moms in your local area as well as hear about experiences across the country. 
  • Accountability (if you want it!)
  • Developmentally appropriate activities to do with your child & how to incorporate them.

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Each month in school is different, which means that each month the contents in KRC are tailored to support you, kinder mama (or dad!!). You'll get a combination from the following:


How many lessons, tutorials, blogs and lives are there per month?

What does Kinder Ready Community cost?

Is there a minimum number of months I need to be a member?

Where do I book 1:1 sessions?

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It varies each month based on the needs of the community! No month of parenting or kindergarten are the same, so KRC adjusts and is designed to matches your current needs.

Mackenzie is a teacher through and through. She has a knack for understanding kids, their behaviors, their choices and knowing which subtle tweaks will make a big difference.

Since she can remember, she’s been focused on being the best educator possible, starting with volunteering in classrooms and later turning into earning well over the required hours to become a teacher. She double majored in college – (1) Human Development and Family Sciences (focus on early child development) and (2) Elementary Education. In her first year of teaching, she began her master’s program in Curriculum and Instruction, with a focus on reading. 

Each year as a teacher, she enjoyed working with the kids and loved helping them. She got to help parents along the way but it wasn’t enough, which is why she’s taken her teaching experience, degrees, and passion and turned it into a highly valuable resource for parents. 

Mackenzie is on a mission to help parents understand kindergarten readiness and get equipped for a strong K year. Because kindergarten is just the beginning.

About Mackenzie

can't wait to see you in there !!

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