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Whether your child is behind, right on track, or ahead of school expectations, working with Mackenzie looks like:

  • filling in learning gaps
  • strengthening learning skills
  • building confidence and independence

My top priority is to help your child make growth and reach your goals. 
Who this is for:
  • kids in grades k-5 
  • kids who live anywhere in the US (we're meeting on Zoom!)



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I get it. Some alarms went off when you read the word "zoom" again in the same sentence with "learning" and your child. Zoom "school" the last few years really did a number on kids & parents (teachers, too). I've figured out how to make it impactful without all of the negative side effects.

Why this works:
  • Short sessions
  • More frequent sessions
  • Engaging, interactive, activities that focus on using traditional materials (think crayons, highlighters, paper/journal etc.)
  • Two cameras: I have you set up your child so I can see both their face AND their hands/their work. This way I can work my magic by actually seeing the things I need to see to help your kiddo!
  • Flexibility. You don't have to add another location to your kid shuffle -- your little one can hop on with me before heading out to practice or end their day with me.
  • You and I can be in completely different time zones and I can still help your child!


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Fun Fact: I spent years learning about and working with technology in the classroom. My stance: tech can be a great tool, but nothing replaces using paper, crayons, pencils, drawing, playing with real toys, exploring the world through playing outside & on playgrounds. 

how it

  1. Book your consultation call
  2. Show up to your consultation! Both you & your little one.


book consultation

  • When you book your appointment you'll tell me your concerns and a little about your child
  • I take this information and prepare for our session
  • We'll start with all three of us for just a few minutes. You'll get to tell me anything else you want me to know and I'll get to ask any additional questions. 
  • Then, you'll step away and I'll do an assessment. It's fun, interactive & will include a mini lesson or activity so your kiddo will enjoy it and learn! 
  • Finally, we'll invite you back, your kiddo will step away and I'll share my observations with you. I'll tell you whether or not I think I'm a good fit to help your child learn and grow. If we mutually feel like a match I'll walk you through the next (simple) steps to secure a space on my schedule. 
  • You'll receive any necessary follow up information from me within 48 hours. You'll already have my email so you can send me any questions!
It's super simple. The booking page look like that picture to the right. It's $65 for this session. Both you and your little one will learn in this session!
It's super simple. The booking page looks like that picture below. It's $65 for this session. Both you and your little one will learn in this session!

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mackenzie's method &


Mackenzie uses teaching techniques that are multi-sensory and connection based. Her reading approach is based in SOR (Science of Reading) with the best aspects of Balanced Literacy mixed in. She meets your child where they are and caters materials and learning strategies to them, specifically.

This includes a focus on filling in the foundational skills in order to create an environment for excelling. The foundational skills are essential for building confidence and competence.

Many students have gaps in their basic knowledge right now due to the inconsistency and disruptions from the past few years.
Studies have shown kids learn and make connections through play and movement + they've also shown that sitting still isn't always the best way for kids to learn! Mackenzie includes games and movement to reinforce concepts taught and get kids moving their bodies during their sessions. If your kiddo is walking down the hall or putting things in different places during our session, don't be surprised - especially for the littles (k-2).
During the initial assessment, Mackenzie will get to know your child's areas of strength, areas for growth, and get to know your child personally. Whether your little one is slow to warm up or chatty right off the bat, Mackenzie is skilled in allowing both the parent and the child to feel comfortable and confident. This allows for quickly extracting the information needed to determine if and how she would be a good fit for supporting your child's learning.
Her approach helps students not only learn concepts, but truly understand them and their patterns. This includes using colors, various materials (i.e. play-doh, dice, highlighters, post-its), underlining patterns, drawing/writing in multiple ways. She'll provide you a list of materials needed -- nothing crazy!
K-2 is her area of expertise, however, she has experience tutoring and student teaching up to 5th grade. 



breakdown of

Initial consultation - $65

All include two 30 minute sessions per week:
  • 3 month package - $32.50 per session ($65/week)
  • 6 month package - $30.00 per session ($60/week)

Includes 15 minutes to connect with parents via phone, zoom or email (your choice!) to hear about current challenges 
  • 30 minute session - $65
  • Mackenzie reviewing intake questionnaire that parent fills out & preparing a selection of plans specific to your child
  • ~30-35 minutes of time with your child conducting the assessment and introducing a mini lesson through 
  • ~10-15  minutes with parent(s) at the end to share observations & discuss best steps forward

***I will never encourage you to purchase a package with me if I do not think I am the right fit for supporting your child's growth***


one off sessions

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Not only does Mackenzie have several years of experience as a full time kindergarten teacher, she also has a strong educational background in early child development, family sciences, and elementary education.

She earned two Bachelor's Degrees and her Oregon teaching license in her undergrad, and earned her Master's in Education in her 2nd year of teaching.

She is an avid learner, so in her years as a teacher she went to numerous conferences and workshops to further her skills in teaching reading, writing, math, behavior, and STEM. 

Her approach is unique and effective due to her strong background & experience as well as her own experiences struggling with reading comprehension. 

With many years of teaching kindergarten (and 2nd grade), she has experience working with a wide variety of kids and is well equipped to work with yours.

Founded on transparency and communication with parents, and student-centered decisions, you're in good hands working with Mackenzie.

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hey, friend!
I'm Mackenzie
kindergarten teacher + fitness instructor turned parenting coach + private tutor.

I took all the good things I learned from being a classroom teacher & from my strong educational background, left behind the fluff & things that don't make sense yet are still somehow part of our educational system... I put it all together & help parents help their kids.

If it has to do with helping kids & parents  -- I'm there.