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I do these 3 things daily

to support my immune system

Between my supplement + low-tox living obsession and having taught kindergarten for 6 years, I’m often getting asked this one question: what do you do to support your immune system??

I do 3 things every day to support my immunity:

  1. Prioritize sleep
  2. Support my gut
  3. Consume vitamins & minerals through food & supplements

Because I know you’re here for simple, straightforward tips, I’ll get to it:


Find a probiotic that works for you. You’ll know it “works for you” if after taking it for a few weeks your stomach feels content. You’re having normal poops, you’re not gassy, and your overall stomach comfort feels normal. My two recs are Seed and Just Thrive .

I take Seed. Aside from their ingredients & formation, I LOVE their onboarding. They walk you through starting a new probiotic. They tell you what to expect along the way and when to expect to feel settled. It is a transition, so it takes adjusting and time. Pro tip: I’ve found that I take 1 pill for ¾ of my cycle and for the time right around my period I take 2. This is what works for my body so don’t be afraid to try things out! 


Taking supplements can be great. I’ve learned that the quality of the product is crucial. I tried Cymbiotika before my wedding (I was pretty nervous about feeling sick or low for the wedding) and WOW. Totally worth it. I immediately felt more energy & more alert, but not in the hyper caffeine way (btw, still drinking coffee, don’t worry). 

Here’s what I’m taking:


  • B12 + B6 – boosts energy, elevates mood, supports heart health
  • Glutathione – antioxidant + boosts energy
  • Magnesium – brain power, calms central nervous system, supports memory

How I’m taking these:

  • I take B12+B6 & glutathione first thing on an empty stomach
  • Magnesium – I take this one right after breakfast

I tried a handful of others (the more you bundle, the more you save) and these are the three I landed on for daily use! I feel good, productive, centered, focused, and feel like I’m fighting off bugs better than before.

Click here for $20 off your cymbiotika order (will say “Mackenzie Spada” at checkout)


We get a lot of vitamins through our food but not all of them. I take a daily vitamin most days but don’t sweat it if I don’t. Here are two brands I like for their potency & clean ingredients!

Daily vitamin:


Host defense mushrooms – stick with me here… I was hesitant at first. Now, these are a staple in my cabinet. The two host defense products I love: 

How I take these: 

  • Spray: I carry the spray with me everywhere and use it 1-3 times a day. If I’m in a crowded or sweaty room (hello workout classes) I use it then. You just spray it on your tongue/in your mouth. I get the minty one so it just feels like a breath freshener!
  • My community: I take this as needed. If I feel something coming on or I’m around someone who’s sick I take 2 of these a few times a day. I also take these when I’m traveling.


Green juice – organifi is my favorite (discount). I’ve heard good things about Athletic greens, but only from influencers! 

Here’s my routine with these products:

I wake up, I take the dog potty and when I come to the kitchen my latte is ready for me on the counter (thanks to my wonderful husband). I take my 12 pumps of B12 + B6 and squeeze/eat the glutathione pouch. I pop my 1 seed probiotic and then take my coffee & my kindle to the couch. 

Yes, I know, this luxurious routine will change when we have kids. But here’s the thing: it’s not time consuming. It takes me 1 min tops to take my b12, antioxidants & my probiotic. On the days I’m around a bunch of people, I just pop a couple My Community in with the probiotic. 

I usually have a smoothie or will mix my organifi with water before I dive into breakfast. I take my vitamins after dinner! 

There you have it. Go get some Cymbiotika, a probiotic, and a green juice – or whichever of these things I shared today sparked the most interest. 

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