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3 games your littles can play without you

Perfect during a busy time of year

You’re tired, they’re tired, everyone’s over it (everything) and you’d love for your kids to do something on their own. The end of the school year is always a busy time, and everyone could definitely use a break! Below are three “games” your kids can play on their own.


I love this game because it sneaks in academics in a fun way! Give your little one a pencil and this tracking sheet on a clipboard and let him or her turn into a detective! Read the instructions aloud to your kiddo and help them get through writing their name and picking the letter. Set some quick boundaries that you’re comfortable with:

  • Which rooms are available?
  • Can they move things around?
    • Suggested answer: no. Everything stays where it is
  • What do they do when they find 5 things?
    • Suggested answer: they give themselves a star or smiley on the top of the paper and then quietly put it on your desk (or somewhere close to you) and then get another one or make a different choice.
  • What do they do if they can’t sound out the word?
    • Suggested answer: do your best to get the first and last sound of the word. Then draw an awesome picture!


You know all those toys that are sitting in the cabinets or in the playroom? Yep, let your kid go wild. Giving them time to just play and explore during a busy month of life is super helpful. This gives them the freedom they’re seeking and lets their brains relax. I’m usually a huge advocate for kids cleaning up after themselves, but this would be a good time to let them just leave the mess if they’re not in the habit of putting away their own toys. The end of the school year is exhausting for everyone – give those few minutes to yourself and save yourself the headache of getting your kids to clean up after themselves. 


I know. I said it. Here’s the thing – screen time when done in a specific way can be a helpful tool. It’s the time of year when you can Here are my tips for success:

  • Make it predictable. Have screen time at the same time every day (or 3 days per week type thing).
  • Follow it up with an activity or part of the day they like. For example, right before dinner or right before free play time. This makes it easier to transition away from!
  • Limit it. Keep it to 20 minute increments if you can. This helps them break away from it. 
  • Hold the expectation! When it’s time to put the ipad away make sure you stick to that boundary. If they ask for 5 more minutes and you give it to them one time, they’ll start to expect it more often. 

There you have it! Three things your kids can do without you (for the most part). Send me your request for the next blog!

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