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There’s a reason I don’t stop talking about Beautycounter. The products are effective, long lasting, and safe for the whole family. You don’t have to worry about applying your lotion then touching your baby or child. You don’t have to change your skincare routine when you get pregnant because these products are already pregnancy safe*. They’re easy to order — hi I’m here to help, — come with a 60 day open box return policy (and a built-in reminder from me) and they can bring a little more happiness and ease to your daily life. Wondering where and how to get started? Keep reading!

Making the switch to clean can be simple. Here are two ways to approach it: one product at a time, or, dive in with a full clean sweep! I promise it’s worth the investment and the products last a long time. The good thing about Beautycounter is that we have a 60-day open-box return policy. So you can try out everything you want and send back whatever you’re not ready for. 

Let’s talk about what you’re looking for! Each Beautycounter line is specifically curated for skin concern. However, they mix and match beautifully so if something is calling your name, go for it! 


Are you looking to keep your skin firm, hydrated, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles? The CounterMATCH line is for you. Here’s how I’d start:

  • Countermatch collection. This line is packed with hyaluronic acid, squalene & plum oil. It matches your skin throughout the day and keeps moisture in overnight. The collection is discounted 10% always!!

If you’re taking it one product at a time, I’d start with the Refresh Foaming Cleanser (it’s really more creamy than foamy) and either the Countermatch intense moisture serum or adaptive moisture lotion. These products cover the most skin and stay on your skin the longest, so that’s why I recommend starting there. 


Been through a lot in life and have some wrinkles to show for it? Feeling like retinol and botox are the only way to help? I’ve got you covered. Countertime was designed specifically for you and it truly delivers. It’s packed with Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine Rose which make up our “retinatural” complex. Want to really make a difference with your lines? Start here:

  • Countertime collection. Using the full collection will deliver allll of the nutritious ingredients to fight wrinkles, reverse the already present wrinkles, boost elasticity and plump your skin where it needs it most. ​​ 

Taking it one at a time? Start with our cleanser and the night cream. The Countertime lipid defense cleansing oil is lightweight yet effective. It starts out with an oily feeling and when you add water it turns to a light cleanser. The night cream is called Countertime Tetrateptide Supreme Cream and it really is as luxurious as it sounds. This rich cream delivers moisture, plumps, boosts firmness and elasticity AND lasts 8-12 months. What?!?!


Our acne line is phenomenal at keeping skin clear without stripping it of your skin’s natural and essential oils. The collection is a great way to fully refresh your skin and get it into balance. If you’re starting with one or two products, start with the cleanser and either the toner or gel cream

So there you have it. Pretty simple right? Pick a line (counterMATCH, counterTIME or counterCONTROL) and give it a go! Make sure it lists me as your consultant so I can keep you up to date and check in with you before those 60 days are over. My question for you: Are you swapping one product at a time or diving in and taking advantage of the 10% off a collection? I’m so excited for you to start your journey to clean, easy, effective skincare. 

As always, let me know if you have any questions or requests!



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