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One Simple Hack for a Smooth Day

Can you picture 25 five year olds sitting still in silence for 10 minutes? No? Keep reading  ⬇️


Every day, the kids would walk in every day feeling allll sorts of feels. Have you ever been inside a school at arrival? It’s stressful!! Especially for the itty bitty kindergarteners. Kids are loud, pushing, teasing, laughing, crying. It’s A LOT happening 😅.

So every morning my kiddos would walk in from that chaos in addition to whatever happened in their morning prior to arrival and you can only imagine how it felt. We were immediately in need a reset. 


Have you ever had a moment like that with your kids? In need of a reset?

I found one simple routine that made a huge impact. We started every day with 5-10 minutes of  “meditation & breathing.” Yes, you read that right, no, I’m not crazy (maybe a little, I did teach kindergarten after all). This simply daily routine set us up for successful days no matter what chaos followed.

My class full of squirrly, energetic, sleepy, wiggly kindergarteners sat PERFECTLY STILL for 5 to 10 minutes every morning. What’s better?? it was pure ✨magic ✨. When we got into the routine of doing this regularly, we had some amazingly compassionate, productive days. The kids worked through challenges better, chose better words to communicate big and small feelings, and were more focused on their tasks at hand.

The other surprising part??

The kids LOVED it. If we only had 2 minutes they were disappointed. 

So here’s how! 

We started one minute at a time and made it super intentional from the beginning.

Set clear expectations. We sat in the same places on the carpet, made it a super safe space to close eyes or look down at lap, and for part of it have one hand on ribs, one on belly for the deep breathing. 

Focus on setting intentions for the day:

  • How you want to move throughout the day: with kindness and compassion, sense of urgency, etc.
  • Who you’re responsible for: for kids — themselves, no one else. This is super helpful throughout the day.
  • What tools you have to support you throughout the day (breathing, teacher, parent, stuffed animal, sip of water, emotional regulation tools at school, if you’re religious include that here too).

Now it’s your turn.

Pick a time to work this in and commit to it for a week. See how it impacts you and your little one! Slowly build up one minute at a time. It doesn’t really matter how you do this, simply that you do! 

Reach out to me and let me know how it goes. I’m here to support you. Send me a DM or an email!




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