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1 way to keep the whining at bay

Holiday chaos is here and your kids are GREAT reflectors. Any craziness happening in the world or your house is shown right there in your little mini self. You’re probably busier than usual in every area of life. We know that usually leads to less sleep, time, and patience. As much as we don’t want it to be true, it’s a recipe for more snapping from you and more meltdowns from your little ones, right? With one simple focus, we can change how the next couple of months go — for the better

Have you heard the phrase, “what you focus on grows” before? This is sooo true with kids. When we focus on the negatives we get more of them. When we focus on the positives — guess what! We get more positives. It’s a super simple concept, and yet it’s easier said than done. I’m here to show you how to keep it simple and effective. The first step is to get more specific: focus on gratitude. 

Today, I have one tip for you to help focus on gratitude more in the next few months. (BTW it’s only one because you don’t need more than one thing at a time in the midst of the holidays!)

Here it is: BOOKS!

Engulf your kids in books focused around gratitude and watch how everyone’s attitudes shift. Will you still have grumpy moments? Yep. Will there be less than usual? Also yes!! By reading books about gratitude, you and your child will be more and more focused on things you’re grateful for. When we’re focused on what we’re grateful for, it’s pretty hard to be grumpy and have a meltdown. 

What to read?

Today’s post is extra special because I’ve included a specifically curated list of books from the amazing Mallory at readingwithbaby! She is a literacy specialist with kiddos of her own and created this list just for us. (thank you, Mallory!) These books are 

Tips for success: 


Pick one date in November and one date in December to go to your public library and check out books with your kiddo. Plug these into your calendar. Set a reminder for the day before the December date to remind you to put the books in your car to return them!


Have a designated spot for these books to “live” when you bring them home. This makes it easy to grab them when it’s time to swap them out. 


Talk about the concepts in the book while you read and at other times as well! While you’re reading, ask your child questions that help him/her connect to the story. When you come across a “real life” application, use the books as examples. Talk about how the characters in the story worked through it in order to help your child work through it. Keep connecting to the books outside of the time you read them. 

Here is the list from Mallory again!

If you’re not following her already, run now — she is @readingwithbaby on Instagram

Before you go focus on gratitude — click here and check out my Kids On Clean Up course to see if it’s a good fit for you. I teach you how to get your kids doing the cleaning up after play time and beyond. It’s a real game changer!!

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