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Makeup as Skincare??

We’re always hearing & learning about skincare products to help our skin, but have you ever looked at what your makeup does for you? I used to try to go makeup free to “let my skin breathe” but once I started learning more about the benefits of Beautycounter’s makeup I started to find myself actually wanting to use these products daily. They are truly skincare in makeup form. The amount of amazing ingredients in all of these is mind boggling. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • DEW SKIN: firms skin, improves elasticity & promotes glow — immediately AND long term
  • SKIN TWIN CONCEALER: short AND long term benefits include reducing fine lines & wrinkles!! Avocado butter means it melts into your skin feeling rich & silky 
  • CONDITIONING LIPSTICK: responsibly sourced vanilla from Madagascar & jojoba esters native to South America give it a balmy texture & polished sheen
  • MASCARA: Tripeptide & Panthenol strengthens, lengthens & gives a fuller look immediately AND over time. It also is created without carbon black (we prohibit carbon black bc it’s a potential carcinogen & organ system toxin)
  • LID GLOW CREAM SHADOW: defends against the signs of aging, Coconut oil & shea butter make for butter non-greasy texture to nourish & moisturize lids
  • Anything that has color: Colorants are common places for heavy metals to be. We are highly selective & only use 18 in our cosmetics (out of 65 available) 

The amount of thought and detail that Beautycounter puts into their products is incredible. Take a look for yourself! This link takes you to Beautycounter’s makeup product page and — full disclosure — it connects to me. This allows me to help you, know which free samples to send you, and answer any questions you have! 

 Email me with any questions!

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