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Welcome to Little Steps Big Success! I’m Mackenzie, the founder. I’m on a mission to help busy, elementary school parents raise mindful, resilient kids. Parenting is tough and can be lonely — I’m here to help you and your child thrive through the elementary years. I’m so glad you’ve landed here to learn more about why I started this business and tell you a bit about me. 


When I was in 2nd grade, a friend turned and asked me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I timidly said, “a teacher, what about you?” At every step of the way after that, I made a conscious effort to position myself to come back and be a teacher at my own elementary school. I volunteered in junior high and high school, and in college I came back home from Corvallis every week to spend Fridays in the classroom. 

I did everything possible to set myself up for getting hired in my own childhood school. I met with the principal, met with the central office and spoke constantly with my OSU counselors. When I graduated from OSU all my hard work paid off: I got my teaching job at the school of my dreams — my former elementary school! 

There was one problem: I was hired for kindergarten and, at the time, I thought kinder was the one grade I didn’t want to teach. I had subbed it one day while student teaching and hated it. 

Little did I know, it would become my absolute favorite grade. We were truly a perfect match. I love the problems kindergarteners have, the life skills they’re learning, the academic skills they’re learning, their view of the world, and their authentic kindness, compassion, curiosity and drive. 

I also enjoyed helping parents of kindergarteners. They were so eager for information and strategies to use at home to work through challenges or simply improve their lives as parents. 

Fast forward to the pandemic year and I got moved up to 2nd grade. I really thought I’d enjoy 2nd grade, but after my years in kindergarten I soon learned that I didn’t love it the way I love kinder. I realized that — as cheesy as it sounds — my calling is to impact kindergarteners. 

I did a lot of reflecting and learning, and through all of that I simply knew that it was time for me to move on from classroom teaching (for now, at least) to help parents of elementary school kids. 

I wanted to share the tools, routines, strategies that impacted me so greatly as a teacher and that I have seen improve the lives of parents and kids as well. 

So I quietly made a plan and took off running with my idea for Little Steps Big Success!


I’ve always worn several hats. One specific thing wasn’t quite covering all of my interests. Aside from putting my parenting and teaching strategies out into the world, I’m passionate about leading a healthy life. I’m a spin instructor, Beautycounter consultant and a GSD dog mom. 

My passion for a healthy life started when I was young and took off in my twenties when my dad got sick. As a kid, my mom always had healthy, nourishing foods available to us. She modeled taking care of your body by eating well herself and exercising regularly.

As an adult, teaching spin and working for Beautycounter support my desire to live an active, intentional, healthy life. Pair that with getting a German Shepherd and I’m as busy as I was in the classroom! Harvey (our GSD) has turned out to be a lot of work and to say I’ve learned a lot along the way would be an understatement.

And there you have it! Want to get to know me even more? Do we have anything in common? Head over to my Instagram or send me an email at !

I look forward to connecting soon!



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