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I’m a firm believer that part of the reason we’re all so tired is because we give away our energy at the wrong times. Your time and energy are precious!

If you’re here on my blog, chances are you’re a parent or a teacher which means you’re asked 5 million questions per day and are already tired from that. Add in other draining interactions and no wonder we’re all wiped out! I’ve found strategies that help me navigate my day feeling like myself and keeping my cool. I’m so happy to share them with you here ⬇️


Have you ever been driving and the person in front of you is going 5 under the speed limit?? You are all up in arms about how.freaking.slow they’re going and trying to understand whyyyyy aren’t they paying attention to their surroundings and starting to wonder if they’re doing it on purpose because now they MUST be able to tell that you want to get around them or go faster.

I mean.. how ridiculous does that sound written out?!?! Getting worked up about a situation you have absolutely no control over.

Does getting frustrated about it do anything for you? Did it change the other person’s behavior? Chances are it only leaves you feeling grumpy and if the other person noticed, it also led to them feeling frustrated. A lose-lose. 

Most people can logically think: What good does it do to get annoyed with them? They don’t know who I am, the impact they’re having, and possibly don’t even notice that I exist. It’s the acting on it that’s the tricky part. 


As I reflect on my daily life, I realized that I spent a lot of my energy reacting instead of responding. Have you ever considered the difference? 

When I googled these definitions I found it very interesting. They’re basically the same thing except that reacting has negative connotations (except for when in a scientific context). 

When we react we give away our energy and usually no one “wins.” When we respond it means we take a deep breath, consider our options, and choose one that benefits us, and *hopefully* positively impacts the other person as well.

Applying this idea using our driving example: 

Reacting to slow drivers: speeding up then slowing down to try to get their attention, talking to them from your own car & spiraling… i.e. HELLOOOO CAN’T YOU SEE IT’S 35MPH NOT 30. HOW DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THIS? CAN’T YOU SEE ME? WHY ARE YOU DRIVING SOOO SLOWWWW.

Responding to slow drivers: Ugh. This person is driving so slowly. That’s annoying. I recognize that the only thing I can control right now is myself and I’d like to keep my positive mood. I’m going to use this time to slow down and enjoy my audiobook. I’m going to take this as a sign from the universe (or God, depending on your personal beliefs) to appreciate these extra few minutes of driving. 

Voila. Your potentially frustrating experience just turned into a pleasant one!


We all know how frustrating it can be to be stuck behind a slow driver. We also know we enjoy our positive mood. We can all logically think through how to respond instead of react, but applying the skill is a whole different thing. Two things that have changed the game for me are: 

  • Listening to books that support a responsive instead of reactive mindset
  • Meditate daily

I started meditating every morning for 5 to 10 minutes about 6 weeks ago. Yes, the thing where you sit still and the goal is to think about nothing for an extended period of time. Harvey and I sit out on the balcony in the sun, I have him lay next to me and I set my timer on my phone. I noticed I felt more calm and less reactive throughout my day. I also noticed that I was more productive with my work and with my time in general. There was one week recently that I got out of the habit without really realizing it. My fuse was shorter, I was reactive and I wasn’t feeling very productive with my work or my rest. 

When I realized the only difference was that I had stopped meditating in the mornings I quickly picked up the habit again. Everything shifted! 

Here are 3 books that have helped me shift my mindset:


So, here’s your challenge: Ask yourself… What would happen to my day if I decided to respond instead of react? Do I want to use my energy to be frustrated by things out of my control, or instead go through my day putting my energy where I want it to go? Take a look at those three books and see if one feels like the right fit for you. Then commit to these new habits and watch for subtle changes in your day!

Send me an email to let me know how this works for you 🙂



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