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3 ways to sneak learning into your daily routine

Many families want to supplement their child’s learning skills at home but don’t know where to start. Additionally, they don’t want to over-book their kids or have “school” at home. Sneaking learning into your day-to-day can be quite approachable and painless! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Card games 
    • Skills: matching, counting, strategy, winning/losing
      • These are GREAT skills for school!! This supports academic skills and knowledge as well as peer and self advocacy skills.
  2. I Spy 
    • Beginning sounds (starts with the b sound), ending sounds (words that end with the /t/ sound), blends (words that start with br, cl, tr, etc.) digraphs (two letters together that make one sound – ph, wh, th, ch, sh), vowel patterns (ee, ea, ai, ay…etc.), numbers (has 4 colors)
  3. While cleaning up, have your child sort as they go:
    • This sounds like it’d slow them down, but when there are 500 pieces around the room that’s overwhelming in the first place so this actually helps them pick up faster!
    • Sorting ideas:
      • Groups of 10
      • Colors
      • Wheels/no wheels
      • Size (bigger than their hand, smaller than their hand. Make this a concrete measurement – not just big and small because they can argue for days about that!)

Which did you do? Did you find these helpful?Let me know in the comments or send me an email!


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