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Next up on my Faves list is these beauties! 


Okay I know, cleaning products don’t sound that fun but LET ME TELL YOU these products are amazing. They smell so good. The soap containers are all glass and look beautiful. And, of course, they’re clean!! This is a relatively new company, too, founded by two cute mamas who clearly know their stuff. Run, don’t walk.


I’ve used David’s, Tom’s, and a handful of other clean toothpastes. This is the only one that leaves me feeling fresh & clean! If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was regular toothpaste. I also have their toothbrush & it’s great too. 


If you follow me on Instagram you know my obsession here. I started using their shampoo & conditioner last summer and I went through the transition they talk about on their website. I could (and plan) to write a whole post about my tips for making the switch so this is what I’ll say in the meantime: it’s worth it!!!

I use their shampoo, conditioner, detox and serum. Not only does my hair smell and feel amazing, but I know that I’m truly giving my scalp and hair the treatment I give my skin. Not to mention, their process is all cold processed and, of course, clean so it’s better for the earth, too. 


I’ve tried several clean deodorants and this one is really my favorite! It’s gentle, three lovely scent options, non-irritating, and the inside is replaceable so it’s cheaper too! If you have super sensitive skin and can’t do baking soda, this is what I recommend. But if you’re good to go with baking soda give the Clean Deo a try for 60 days and let me know. Pro tip: do a cleansing charcoal mask on your armpits if this is your first time using clean deodorant. Your body goes through a natural detox process and this can help to move it along! 

Which of these are you going to try?!?! 

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