kindergarten teacher, sun lover, scorpio-introvert, dog mom, obsessed with low-tox living. Hoping to help you parent your littles, make some clean swaps, & simply live your best life.




From Kenzie Clean to Mindful Mackenzie.

low-tox & low-tax

My mission is to help you live low-tox and, if you’re a mama too, I’m here to help ease the challenges of parenting little ones. Parenting can be so taxing and I’m here to help it flow smoother.

Hi!! I’m Mackenzie. I can’t tell if I’m more excited + nervous about this rebrand than I was about my initial launch… I think I have more nerves this time because I know some of what’s ahead and I loved Kenzie Clean so there’s that change to get used to. BUT I know this is the right move. Why? Because I’ve finally learned to trust my gut. 

Over the last year I’ve shared about how I’ve been cleansing and reassessing lots of things, well one thing I learned is that I RARELY trusted my instinct. I would have an instinctual feeling and then I would ignore it, and instead look around me and do what I thought I “should” do for whatever other reason. 

One example is with our puppy, Harvey. Harvey is playful, energetic, goofy, LOVES to be loved on by us, and wants nothing more than to keep me in sight. However, at our lowest point, he was terrified of people and dogs so he’d bark and lunge, and even try to bite… He’s 95-100 lbs and I’m a little more than that so you can guess how well that whole bark & lunge thing works. Weight difference aside, we want a stable, confident, happy dog. 

When we first got him I thought “I’m not a dog trainer so how would I know the right thing to do? I’m going to only do what the books & trainers say.” Well, had I trusted my gut back then I know that we’d be in a different position now. I ignored my gut and only did exactly as the trainer at the time said. Because I’d been ignoring my instincts the whole time, we didn’t find the right trainer for months. 

We’ve found the right match of a trainer for us and one of the biggest things we’ve been working on? My confidence as Harvey’s handler and owner. Several things that are successful now are things I initially thought were good ideas, but I ignored them because someone else said so. (i.e. sitting before entering a door, only saying a command one time, not letting him pass me when walking)

Had I trusted myself, we would’ve still needed professional help, but it wouldn’t have gotten as challenging as it did. Why am I telling you this? Because I want to encourage you to listen to your gut, too. Trust yourself. Trust your instinct. Am I a certified life coach? Nope. But I finally realize that if I’ve been through it and learned from it, someone else is likely going to go through a similar experience. 

When I find something I like that works I want to tell EVERYONE. Whether or not I get paid when you buy it, I want to tell you about it. Whenever I’ve had a hard time with something and I find a solution, there’s a 100% chance you’ll hear about it. I’m highly reserved until you get me talking about something I’m passionate about, but when you do – get ready for the details. Ha! 

10 Facts About Me: 

  • My dad died when I was 25
  • I used to be intolerant to 65+ foods/spices/ingredients etc. 
    • (I would literally fall asleep after eating eggs and/or gluten)
  • I’m now intolerant to ZERO foods!!!!!
  • After years of therapy/help, I still have to mentally remind myself that foods aren’t the things that made me sick before, they were just my body’s communication tool. 
  • I’m an empath. I now live with wonderful boundaries to keep my energy flowing and going. If I don’t, then I get sick & so so so tired. 
  • I have a boyfriend who loves his privacy. As much as you know I would talk about him and share more of him, I don’t because I respect him!
  • I’m a Beautycounter consultant and I’ve worked my way up to Senior Manager! 
  • I did ballet from age 4 to 18. I considered applying to colleges to be a ballet major, but knew I wanted a different post-grad life. I went to lots of physical therapy throughout the years and asked a lot of questions, so I’m very body aware. 
  • I taught kindergarten for 5 years and am currently teaching 2nd grade. Kindergarten is my JAM though, I just love that age. 
  • I’m 50% Norwegian. My mom’s dad was born in Norway, and her mom’s family is from there too. When I was 14 my mom took us to see where we’re from. It was amazing. Bonus: Norwegians have GREAT genes. Evidence below.

Do we have anything in common? What are some facts about you? Share below!

xo, Mackenzie

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