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Do nontoxic deodorants work? Will they stop me from sweating? Will they actually keep me smelling good? My deodorant is already aluminum free, what’s wrong with it?

Short answer: YES, my favorite deodorant — the clean deo — overachieves.

nontoxic deodorant that works

As a low-tox living expert (if I do say so myself), I have tried several nontoxic deodorants. I’ve tried the lotion-y ones, the ones that feel like a sand-paper-y glue stick, and the minimally effective ones. As a Beautycounter Consultant (more about what that actually means here) I got to try ours months before the official launch. Can you believe it took them FIVE years to make this.


Guess what?? There are all sorts of hormone disruptors and allergens hiding in our skincare and deodorants because the skincare industry is so unregulated, but that’s for another day. I could nerd out and tell you all of the culprits but I’ll keep it simple for you: Beautycounter’s is free from all of them! We have a list of 1,800 ingredients that we never use in our products in order to keep them all safe. We rigorously test our products, are intentional with our sourcing and even make sure nothing toxic is hidden in our packaging.


Our bodies need to sweat, it’s how we naturally get rid of toxins we’re exposed to throughout the day. The Clean Deo absorbs the moisture that your body sweats so you still get the benefit of releasing toxins and staying dry at the same time. 


A lot of “clean” deodorants are rough and scratchy, or are too soft and don’t do a thing to fend off the sweat or smell. Beautycounter’s is right in the middle. Just soft enough that it glides, and still thick enough to do its job. 


Pick one: coconut, rose or lavender. Or pick all 3. Truthfully, I got all 3 and still can’t pick a favorite. First, I used up coconut because the scent was so dreamy. Since I had all three, I played around and used them all. I liked to use coconut during the day and lavender at night for a calming effect.

BONUS / environmentally friendly

I almost forgot the best part! It’s refillable. You guessed it, your refill is cheaper than the original (and better for the environment). As a consultant, my refill is $13.50 !!



PS – Are you interested in becoming a consultant with me? I’d love to connect with you, you can send me an email here!

/ Full transparency: as a Beautycounter consultant I make a commission if you buy through me. More importantly, it means I get to help you with every question you have! /

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