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What do Beautycounter consultants actually do?

Being a “consultant” gets a bad reputation sometimes. Let’s clear up what makes Beautycounter different. 

What do Beautycounter consultants actually do? 

Believe it or not, we don’t just record make-up tutorials and shove skincare in your face. That’s not our style! Although, using the products we sell is definitely a perk.

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So what do we actually do? It’s pretty simple:

  • We help educate others about safe skincare and makeup
  • We help people find products that work for them
  • Yes, we do get paid for doing our job

A lot of people cringe and look the other way because they feel a pyramid scheme coming on… well lucky for you, Beautycounter is not anything shady.

We are NOT an MLM or a pyramid scheme:

  • An MLM usually means you’re required to recruit, reach monthly sales requirements, have to invest a bunch of $$$ up front and it’s often complicated to understand.
  • People at the “top” can “coast”
  • Pyramid schemes are illegal, so that option’s out


What it “costs” to join:

  • $50
  • 15 minute pockets of time


  • We get a 25% discount on products 
  • Choosing my own hours. Yes, this does still mean I’m putting in time. I just have flexibility around when and where!
  • Deeply discounted bundles available when you join
  • Early access to products
  • Training & support

Different reasons for joining:

  1. For the discount. You buy around $1,200 every 6 months and simply want the discount for yourself. You’ll likely end up sharing it with a couple of friends/family.
  2. As a side gig. You love the products & want to share them with a handful+ of people. You want to make extra income. 
  3. Full time. You want to build your business to be your full time source of income. 

Being a Beautycounter consultant is one of my favorite choices I’ve made. I’m reaching goals I never considered until recently, I’m earning extra income, I’m helping my loved ones and friends get safer products into their homes. So… are you ready to take the leap? I promise it’s smaller than you think.



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