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How to get some (quiet) time to yourself.

Working from home while the kids are going to school at home makes for a lot of time at home and not a lot of time to yourself. To help both yourself and your kids – incorporate a “quiet time” into everyone’s schedule. Start simple and work your way up, it might take some time but it’ll be so worth the hard work!

What is “quiet time” you ask? It’s a time when everyone is quietly doing something independent (meaning you cannot interrupt each other unless it’s an emergency).

How to do it:

Setting clear expectations is key. BTW – they’re not “rules”, they’re expectations.

  • Where will quiet time happen? 
    • I recommend it in bedrooms or somewhere like the living room. Somewhere that is comfortable and isn’t the primary play place. 
  • What will we do during quiet time?
    • Books and coloring are my two recommendations! Coloring can be a slippery slope into playing, so if you aren’t sure, just stick with books. 
    • If your child is far from reading on their own, they can still look at books!  Just show them how to turn the pages and enjoy the pictures.
    • Before quiet time starts, help your child pick out 4-6 books they can choose from during quiet time.
    • No screens for kids, unless it’s a kindle!
  • When?
    • Where does quiet time fall into your daily routine? My advice is to have it before a play time so your child is more motivated to succeed.
  • How long? 
    • Start as short as 1 minute. You have to set yourselves up for success. It’s better to go for less time than you think they can do and have it be successful than push for longer. 
    • In the beginning set the expectation that you will have some days that are longer and some that are shorter. With anything, we get better at it and have tough days sometimes. The goal is to always improve, but we know we’ll have some shorter days.
    • Use a cute chart to track the quiet time – kids love a good competition with themselves! Make it a big deal to color in the chart at the end of the quiet time. 
  • Who is the time keeper?
    • You! Use a stopwatch, not a timer. This way you can fib how long it was. This is also key. If you made a goal of 5 minutes and they’re doing a fantastic job, but you can tell around 4 minutes they’re getting wiggly, sometimes it’s beneficial to stop them and tell them it was 5 minutes. If they did a great job that’s what you want to reinforce. The better they feel about it, the more they’ll want to come back for more. 
  • Why?
    • I tell my students that it’s to calm our bodies and minds so we can recharge for a great day. 
    • Also to practice being independent which is SUCH an important skill.
    • Any challenges or frustrations they’ve been having throughout the day, they can let them go during quiet time. I teach my kinders how to take deep breaths during it too 🙂 
    • It also will help them be successful at school when they have independent work or reading time.

Putting it into practice: HYPE IT UP

(Here’s the chart)

I know you’re excited about it, get your kids excited about it too! 

“It’s our quiet time! Do you remember how many minutes we did yesterday?! 2 whole minutes! Let’s make a goal today. How many minutes do you want to do? 5 minutes, I love it. I bet we can do it! Let’s get set up.”

  1. Pick out books
  2. Review expectations
    1. Stay in one place
    2. Voices off
    3. Look at books the whole time
    4. Goal: calm our bodies & minds so we can have a good day
  3. Quiet time!
  4. End quiet time
    1. Have them self rate. How did they feel like it went? Thumbs up middle or down?
    2. Was there anything they could do differently next time to do an even better job? What went well?
    3. Color in how many minutes
    4. Put away books etc.

Stick with it for 10 times and let me know how it goes!

And remember – I’m always here if you have questions.



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