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WT* to do with your kids when the rain comes (and COVID is still a thing)

This post is about easy, 1 click things to do with your kids that secretly work on fine motor skills, alphabet knowledge, and offer great learning opportunities through conversation.

You’ve been stuck at home for months, and now that the weather’s turning you’re looking at a lot less time outside. #sendhelp right? Don’t worry, I’m here. 

Because I think the key to a relatively pleasant day is a schedule, this post started out with me outlining a sample schedule and giving ideas for each section. Then I realized that throwing a full blown schedule at you right away might be overwhelming. Not to mention it would take me a lot longer to get it to you! So I’m sharing just one section of a day.

When your child is making a scene with play-dough, ask them/help them expand to tell a story about their creation. Get them comfortable talking about their thinking, their ideas, and making up stories.

Crafting inside is great, but how do you make sure your days go smoothly? Make a daily schedule. Not just any schedule though, the order is KEY in success. Would you like to see my suggested/sample schedule? 

Let me know how it goes, tag me if you do any of these, I LOVE seeing when my words help!

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