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3 words to change your mom world

Stop and think. Those are the three words! That’s it. This one’s pretty straight forward. When your child is doing something unacceptable, or that you’d prefer they don’t do – use these words. Say to them “stop and think” and you might follow it up with “what’s a better (or safer) choice?”

Now, I just say “stop & think” and usually that’s all I have to say. It’s a clue to help the child realize … oh, I’m doing something that’s not okay. Or I’ve been caught doing the thing I thought I could get away with. Or I didn’t even realize I was doing this thing that’s not so good/safe. And more often than not they’ll simply switch to a desired behavior with little redirection. 

Adults have a tendency to over communicate and over explain with kids. Learning to keep it direct and simple has changed my world! Give this a try and let me know how it goes! 



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