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Making the mundane more fun

When’s the last time you stood still for a few seconds in your house and just listened? These last few weeks between the fires, smoke, wind, school starting and stopping and starting again — they’ve just been crazy. One thing that’s helped me recenter in the midst of chaos:

Stop & listen to the sounds of your home. Whether it’s the kids playing or arguing, the dog quietly cuddling or whining, your husband/SO working or laughing at his favorite show, the start of the dishwasher or the beep at the end, or silence. Whatever the sounds just hear them & take a deep breath. 

Instead of thinking “ugh the dishes are done now I have to unload them” – I practiced thinking “wow, I’m so thankful I have a house & dishes to unload at all.” Now I know that not every task is a fun one. Who really wants to unload the dishes. But these tasks that we have to do regardless of our feelings about them – why not make them more approachable and pleasant. 

Shifting my thoughts, and choosing my thoughts makes every day more positive and pleasant.

I read somewhere recently (I think from Jay Shetty) that looking forward to the “little” “everyday” things can have a hugely positive impact, and I have to say — when I gave it a try I was pleasantly surprised. Things like your morning coffee or tea, brushing your teeth, picking out a book to read to you LO. I paired it with listening to the sounds of home and one of the potentially more frustrating weeks turned out to be a mostly positive one. 

Here’s your new to-do list:

  • Pause to listen to the sounds of your home without reacting to them, just take them in and take some deep breaths. They’re yours – love them.
  • Choose 1 daily thing at a time to look forward to as an exciting thing. I started with coffee (bc that’s an easy one), brushing teeth, and unloading the dishwasher.


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