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Sunny Summer Skin Savers Part 2 of 2

Even with all our sunscreen wearing (look at us go), it’s inevitable that we have some damage, often showing as dark spots. Spending time outside – period – exposes us to all sorts of “harmful” things. Soooo I’m introducing you to the product that sold out upon launch and has gotten rid of my teenage-years acne spots! Are you ready?

The magic sauce that got rid of Mackenzie’s dark (aka teenage acne) spots!

 All Bright C-Serum. It has Turmeric, Camu-Camu, & two types of Vitamin C. Let me break it down for you: benefit | ingredient 

  • Antioxidants reduce dark spots | Vitamin Cs
  • Even skin tone | Turmeric (also what makes it so yellow!)
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles | Turmeric
  • Adios dark spots | Camu-Camu
  • Prevent new dark spots | Camu-Camu & Turmeric
  • Hydration | Vitamin Cs

Sometimes Vitamin C can be hard for some skin. This serum is so gentle that it works well for a client of mine who usually has a hard time with Vitamin C. I’m yet to have a client who doesn’t love it.

Another great thing about Beautycounter is that you have 60 days to try a product and return it if you don’t love it! I always recommend talking to your consultant before making a purchase – sometimes we know things you don’t — and we’re trained in how to help you!

Want to take a peek at the All Bright C Serum? Click here! Want to ask me if I think this will help your skin? (I can already tell you with this one that it probably will!) Send me an email!

My other skin save obsession?? mybkr water bottles. They look cute, save the world from plastic bottles, make it easier to drink more water and are fun to follow on Instagram!

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