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Sunny Summer Skin Savers part 1 of 2

Growing up we spent every single day in the sun during the summer. If you’re unfamiliar, Oregon is cloudy and rainy approximately 9-10 months of the year, so when the sun comes out WE RUN to be in it. Or maybe that’s just my family? If my mom had a dollar for every time she drove my friends & I around in the boat on the lake she’d have three vacation homes (all somewhere sunny, obviously). 

Mackenzie’s favorite tinted moisturizer SPF

Also, I’m pretty sure we kept the “No-Ad” sunscreen company in business. We were lathered up head to toe in that stuff anytime it was sunny outside. So for me, sunscreen’s always been a no brainer. It’s like brushing my teeth. Yep, I wear it every day. In the 9 months it rains here, I still expose myself to blue light on the daily. Did you know blue light is damaging to your skin too?!

So to protect ourselves from the screens & the sun, we’re told to wear sunscreen. But did you know that many sunscreens are harmful to you too?! 

Finding one that’s safe, convenient & that you like is kind of a hassle! Unless you’re me and love trying them. My go-to is Beautycounter’s Dew Skin. It’s sheer, so for summer (& most days now that I wear less makeup) I love that it lets my freckles show through while giving just a little coverage and most importantly – it has safe sunscreen!! It’s silky so it also feels amazing.

It’s a simple, effective 2-in-one no-brainer for your morning routine. (3-in-one if you count the hydration it provides too!!). 

Want to see some other reviews? Check out this article from Fast Co.

Ready to add this to your morning routine? You can get it here and expect an “I’m so excited for you!!” email from me soon after you order 😉

Check out Sunny Summer Skin Savers part 2 & 3 next and let me know how you like your Dew Skin!

PS any questions?? Send me an email 🙂



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