what is kindergarten readiness? 

Kindergarten isn't what it used to be. 
It's no longer kids playing for 3.5 hours. 
It's no longer an elevated preschool... 

Now, it's the year kids learn to read, write, add, and subtract. Kindergarten is a BIG year. It's the first day of their school career. 

Between the increasing expectations and the facts from below it's so easy for kids to get lost in the noise. Startling facts:
- Kids who are behind in kindergarten struggle to get caught up
- 3rd grade reading is a predictor of high school graduation
- 1 in 5 kids have a learning disability  (often undiagnosed in kindergarten)

I'm not here to scare you, I'm here to help you. With me, you'll learn what and how to implement things that will actually help your child be ready for kindergarten (hint: it's not to make them sit down & do worksheets!)



that's where kindergarten readiness comes in